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Sinbad is a software library for Java, Python, and Racket that makes it very easy to uniformly access online data sources provided in standard formats (CSV, JSON, XML).

If you are a novice programmer, you probably should go through the tutorials below after installing Sinbad. Experienced programmers may benefit more from the quick start guides. You will also find links to a quick reference and detailed API documentation below.

For a list of data sources, visit the Bazaar bazaar.


Instructions for:

Quick Start

These links provide a concise introduction to the most prominent features of the Sinbad library. Use these if you are experienced in the programming language that you are using:


These pages provide a more leisurely and explanatory coverage of the features of the Sinbad library in the respective language. These are good if you are learning to program for the first time and are interested in using Sinbad to access data.

Quick Reference

These may be used as “cheatsheets”.

API Reference

Publications & Presentations

About the name

SINBAD was selected as a rough acronym for Structure INference and Binding Automatically to Data – the main idea behind the library initially developed in Java. The name was also selected to invoke the sense of adventure, magical experience, and fantastic achievement reminiscent of the voyages of Sinbad the Sailor in the stories of the Arabian Nights. Through this library, we hope to help students experience some of the adventure and magic of Computer Science early on in their programming courses.


Bug reports, suggestions for improvement, code contributions, or requests for help using the library are very welcome.

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